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Default Newbie CMP Correct Garand

Hi, There,
Just got a Correct HRA Garand. Arrived in cosmoline with threads in the hiding places all over the rifle.
Utterly no wear at the muzzle from cleaning, no wear inside parts, original barrel and all parts check out with the date of manufacture. I don't think there has been a rebuild, an a few others who have seen it are stumped too.
1+ muzzle and 2+ throat tags. However, I looks likes it's never been fired.
Stock has some dings but it seems to be a new rifle. Only place I can see that anything had been touched was the stacking swivel looked like it had been stacked or handled there gently.
I saw that some unissued rifles have shown up there. How would i check this out. This thing is a beauty!
Any advice is appreciated.
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