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Default How do you hide your Carbines ?

I now have 4 and my wife thinks I have one. I am ok as long as I take out 1 at a time. I did manage to get 2 out to take pictures without getting caught but had to put them back quickly. I really would like to get all 4 out at once but can't seem to make it happen.

Now to compound the problem I can't fit all the guns in my safe so I have to lock them in a closet, she is now getting suspicious of the closet. I really don't want to have to rent a storage area to keep the guns in. I had to do this with my sports car collection and it has gotten expensive. I have to leave the house in my pickup go to the rented garage and park the tuck and take one of the sports cars out for a drive. This could get complicated because I also have a sailboat boat she doesn't know about in a slip at the lake. So if I want to go for a ride and shooting then for a sail I have to make a lot of stops. I forgot to mention the RV I have stored at the self storage lot. I guess I could store the carbines on the boat or the rv but that doesn't seem like a wise idea.

I need some advice from some of you older and sneaker veterans of carbine collecting.
Thanks Jim

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