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So, I did some searching and found almost this same discussion from a few years back (, that answered a couple of questions but raised some more.

It sounds like Hornady, for one, makes an M1-safe 168gr match ammo that could be used at least for club events (haven't dug into the CMP match regs). Is there a consensus on that as a good round to use? Looks like it runs about $1.25-$1.30/rd these days, which isn't bad.

How about targets? I assume those are specified in the rule I just haven't read yet, but for me I also want to find something I can use on a 100-yard range (all I normally have available) for simulating 200/300/600 yards. Any suggestions for that?

And yes, I'll go search the old threads some more, but since this is a fresh discussion...

Thanks in advance and all that!
Andy M
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