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Originally Posted by Natty Bumppo View Post
Interesting. I must have been completely mistaken then about purchasing a 1911A1 without a C&R.

What's your understanding then of why the CMP could not sell these to Mass. residents? I thought it was because it called for a 2nd background check from the FFL to purchaser, and since these were not Mass. approved, they could not therefore then be transferred?

I wonder if there is something about the pistols having been in the state pre-94 as opposed to having the CMP pistols now shipped from out of state from Anniston.

Glad you got yours!
I'm no expert on Massachusetts gun laws, but that's my understanding. You can't transfer guns that aren't on the "approved list" unless they were registered in state prior to a certain date...(sometime in '94 or '98?...not sure exactly). The 1911s CMP are offering were never registered in the state, and I believe that's the issue. Maybe someone with a better understanding will jump in here and clarify. I read somewhere a while back that a bill had been submitted to make an exception for antique military firearms, but with all the anti gun legislators, it went nowhere.
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