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The so called "Drop Test" is used by the Imports Branch of the ATF to prevent certain pistols from being imported. Looks to me like the Mass. legislature found that and incorporated it to your regulations so your opportunity to buy pistols would be a bit more difficult; and keep evil firearms out of one of this nations most crime-free states[?].
Many years ago I found a large lot of British pistols in India, and on applying for the import permit, was informed that all of the pistols would need to be submitted to BATF/DC for the "Hammer Drop Test." At that time they would neither explain exactly how the test was to be performed, what the cost per pistol would be, why ALL of the pistols would need to be submitted, and of course I would not be allowed to observe. Even after pointing out that the pistols would have the safety stop [I personally inspected the pistols at the depot in Jabalpur-and had only those for release], would furnish a reasonable number of pistols, be willing to have BATF/Customs inspect the pistols on arrival, they stuck to their decision and I passed on the deal. I knew when the deck was stacked.
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