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Default Carbine Stock Fit

Hey Guys,

I got a carbine from a guy that had a heavily varnished stock that I sanded down and refinished lightly. I wanted to get a nice USGI stock that matched an IO handguard I picked up. At the Knob Creek show last year I picked up what I think is a M2 potbelly stock which looked great for $30. When I got it home I tried to install it with my handguard and it would not allow the barrel band retaining spring to lock down. I tightened it as tight as I could and when I was at the range the handguard popped off. I tried to file it down a bit to see if it would lock down and basically ended up ruining the stock.

Fast forward to last week, I picked up a stock and handguard set at this years Knob Creek show to hopefully drop my Inland into and again I could not get the barrel band to engage the spring!!! Before I ruin another stock is there anything I could do? I was thinking of picking up another barrel band but do not want to mess with the front sight.

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