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How did they contact you. Was it the email you posted in your ad, or a PM with a user name? If user name in PM, report them. If email, mods can do nothing.

Emails on the forum are an open invitation to scammers that are not forum members, even though you said stay away.

Originally Posted by Bad Gambler View Post
Well, I had my second scammer of the year from the want to buy forum.

I placed an add to buy a 1903a4 or a3 stock. I had someone contact me showing me pictures of a stock set from Ebay. It was easy to spot since I looked at every listing in Ebay several times.

I contacted the seller who happened to be Northridge and they said it wasn't them.

After I got her address, I told her I had a relative who lived in her area and he would drive over to her place with cash to buy it. I haven't heard back since.

Anyway. Don't do business with this person:

Howdy Howd

Karla Brown
309 Canterbury Dr
Saginaw, TX 76179
Operation Positive Attitude.

Had 136 Pos feedbacks on the old system, in over two hundred transactions. They went poof. Please post your feedback here:
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