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Originally Posted by weimar_police View Post
who was the first scammer?

I was contacted with a furious email telling me to back off and I was like what?
He said, the same things he said previously
but went on and on - I finally looked up his scam bad feedback and realized someone had replied to my initial reply, and then added an 'AD' to the bottom.

So, I told the guy, listen, its over with, leave me alone.

Not really how I feel, but I tried all the legal ways I knew....
The first scammer was when I was looking for a 1903a4 clone. He/She gave me a San Antonio, Texas address. He/She emailed me saying they were Hikerlt from a different forum. The scammer then showed me pictures of a real A4.

Here is Hikerlt's post. I can get you name and address if you want it.

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