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Bayonet Number 3. Last but not least we have this uncut saber type bayonet. All I can say is that it seems old. The only marking that I can understand is the engraving vs stamp on the spine of “yr 1886.” in script. Overall the thing is over two feet long and the blade is just at 19 inches. The grips are wood and well worn. The scabbard is metal and painted black. It does not appear to have ever been sharpened. Beyond that… I have no idea.

EDIT: There is another mark I did not photograph well. Sort of a double "B" back to back on the side near the guard. Also since year is abbreviated "yr" I assume that this might be from an English speaking country, but that is just a blind speculation.


I completely understand more information or photos might be needed on this one. if you have any ideas and would like more info just ask.

Thanks in advance...

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