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First Purchase!

Order: #537470
Order Type: RM1SERVICE x1
Serial: 1783xxx

Order Sent: 11/10/14 (Priority Mail)
Order Received: 11/12/14
DBU: 11/14/14
Estore: 11/17/14
CC Hit: 11/18/14
Case Added:11/17/14
Shipped: 11/21/14
Arrived: 11/24/14
It's Here! Boy did I pick a perfect time to order or what? Total time from the day I sent my order by priority mail: 12 days. Ridiculous. Happy early Christmas to me!

I left a sticky note for a "USGI Walnut with no rack number, and a low serial number if possible." - I got exactly that:

Muzzle 1+
Throat 2

Picture below (Note, CMP did not send the beer)

I will update my original thread with more -

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