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The M39 can be very accurate. The condition of rifles in the market varies widely. I have competed with one when there were more vintage matches locally. Usually used it late in the season when I ran low on handloading time for my K-31, as mine was quite accurate with a certain lot of Czech surplus ammunition.

Pros- quite stable and well balanced in offhand, good sling mounting points, very nice sight picture on SR2. Usually very good 2-stage trigger pull.

Cons-slow reload time due to the so-so charger loading system, some position breakdown while working the bolt handle due to it's position.

Not as refined or easy to shoot as my K-31s, but I was able to hold 10 when I did things right with decent X count and won a couple of matches. Never really played with handloads in this rifle. A fellow shooter borrowed it to shoot a match, and hammered 10s with a D166 Lapua bullet handload once he found the zero.

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