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Sigman2, you make a good case that the failures you described were due to brittle, once-fired military 5.56 brass and brittle new Remington 7 x 57 Mauser brass. (I am assuming in the experiences you described that you did not encounter the signs of deteriorated powder itself or the related corrosion of the brass and bullet bases. Such deteriorated powder evidence was not seen in the pictures you posted.) You may recall my experience with both Remington and Winchester 7 x 57 Mauser cases was that they had been previously loaded and fired with no problems. Only after I reloaded the cases with the BL-32 surplus powder (from the same container and let them set for 19 years) did they show the brittleness of the brass, the corrosion of the brass and bullet bases, and the deteriorated powder itself.

Edwardm, thank you very much for posting the chemical and technical information on such single-base “stick” powders as 4895, particularly when it deteriorates.

Would this information be worthy of CMP forum preservation as a “sticky?” Or, is such information readily available elsewhere? If so, where?
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