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"If you fire early or late it simply doesn't register the shot."

If the targets perform like the ones at Talladega, they will register shots after time is called. Happened to me there during rapids I had an equipment problem and scrambled to get off my remaining shots before time/cease fire was called. Well I got off all 10 and all 10 registered hits, but a line judge came over and said the tower said my last 2 shots were after cease fire was called so they are both to be counted as M's. Yes I was bummed after just shooting 98 2X in slow prone, and my scorer said I got the shots off before time was called, life goes on.

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They had a crew in the pits just to initially hang the targets, then change them out for the 300 and 600. They don't go up and down between stages. Target exposure times are controlled electronically. If you fire early or late it simply doesn't register the shot. It sounded like the cables weren't quite long enough, so they were getting ripped out of the connectors when the targets were sent up after changing to the 300 yard centers. They said the targets are wired in blocks, so if 1 Cable was damaged, a block of targets went down.

I agree that they handled the situation very well. I've always been impressed with the way the CMP handles the conduct of their matches, especially compared to the other party that is involved (or supposed to be) in holding matches. I have no doubt they'll get it handled. We all knew this was a dry run to test the system and something like this could happen.
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