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Here ya go guys,

I was there about 10:30ish. There we probably 8 buyers there so probably some of the more choice rifles were probably picked over.

Rack of IHC service and Field.
1 of Rack SA Service with probably 4 with USGI wood. Had circled P on the grip but no cartouche. I may have seen one with DAS stamp. The rest were new CMP stocks. I believe I saw two with original barrels in the 3.5 million range.
1 Rack of SA Field, one with GI stock the rest hackberry.
1 Rack of half SA and half WRA .308 receiver specials
$150 1903a3 drills. I saw two with some cartouches as well as rebuild marks ( I don't know 03a3 stocks.
A few Garand drills rifles
Some inexpensive Daisy air rifles
The usual M1D's and M1C's just the rifle.

Overall I didn't think the metal looked that great but was within grading criteria. A few spots of surface rust. Still happy to see SA service and field grades again. Happy to answer any questions if I can.
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