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Hi hebes405,

Sorry, I'm computer challenged, no idea how to post a picture.

The stock has a short sort of pistol grip shape, that is much more comfortable to shoot.(Might be called a Type 12 or 15 used mainly on A4 sniper rifle) Do a search. You will see the shape of it, compared to a true "C" stock which is a true pistol grip stock & the normal straighter style stock.

If you go to Gun Parts/ Numrick site,( 03 / 03 A3 scant stocks) they have some clear pictures, that reflect the quality of the stock I bought.
By the way, it was made by Keystone! Nice walnut wood grain too! A # of good reviews, were a help for me to finely buy it!
They mentioned there were only 8 or 9 left.

It's 70 + years old & been in warehouses for ever. As I mentioned mine, has a little chip maybe 1/8 inch on one side. Top edge of the stock, at the muzzle which will be covered by the bayonet / hand-guard metal. Naturally the better quality stock ($) will be in even better shape.

If you need one , I wish you Good Luck also,

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