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Originally Posted by Brinks352 View Post
Have a quick question?

I have a new stock/USGI replacement stock for my garand, however I have never changed stocks on a garand or have the right tools. Will someone there be able to help me switch the stock out.
Maybe. I don't have the "right" tools but I've done it with a rubber mallet and a screwdriver (handguards) Buttstock is simple and requires no special tools. I'm not doing the clinic so I would have time.

That being said, you really don't want to change your stock before the match. After changing a stock on a Garand it takes at least 20 rounds to settle in and stablize your point of impact. If you have a useable stock right now, leave it on 'till after the shoot. If you don't, shoot something else. If you're just changing the buttstock and not handguards and no additional fitting is required, there are no special tools required. You can swap it in under a minute after the match. Current weather prediction is for scattered showers also so keep that in mind.

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