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Default New/Old Rifle: M39 (pics)

I guess this short story starts with me purchasing a Mosin Nagant 91/30 in 2010.
I quickly sold that rifle because the straight stock was awkward and ugly and inaccurate. At some point I discovered that there is a Mosin Nagant out there that is everything a Mosin should be/should have. Look no further than a Finn M39.

Well for the last two years I have been pestering various forums with WTB adds for Finnish M39s. I like the M39 for the same reason I love my Garand: 1. Historic 2. Accurate 3. Unique

It was tough to find a rifle that was in the right condition for the right price but the wait most definitely paid off!

I didn't take pictures of the target but my brass donor ammo shoots 10 shots in a 2.5" groups. Hand loads should bring that down hopefully. I've been experimenting with the front band screw and how it affects group size...any suggestions?

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