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careful, finn rifles are addictive. There are lots of sub-groups available.

I used to have an M28 Tikka but traded it for a Swiss G-11 looking for a better shooter (m28 had a bad bore from previous owner).

I've got a '41 VKT that looks like it's been through a war and shoots like it could still win one. I believe 2MOA because mine will do it with Czech surplus. Loaned it to a relatively new shooter at one of our matches this summer and he was plunking 9s and 10s once he got used to it. Shot it in one vintage match when I ran out of time to keep my K-31 fed as it's the best shooter I have with military ball. Took second shooting Czech ammo from the early 60's with steel cases and stinky powder. One shooter on the line was afraid I might corrode his springfield by shooting nearby.

I think I'll shoot it again at a match this summer.
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