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Thumbs up Thanks for the feedback!

Let me try to answer your questions as best as I can.

Originally Posted by NuJudge View Post
I have certain batches of ammo for Home Defense, I have certain batches for target use, and I also have some for hunting use. I'm trying to figure out how to expand the two main types of ammo to include a third type: hunting use.
As you might guess, there is more than one way to do this.

First, you can add a new option to the "use" field drop down simply by typing in the new value. Just click in the use field and type "Hunting" then press the return key. This will add the new value to the drop down list.

In addition, if you want, you can add another "Hunting" subfolder to the ammo category as follows:
  1. Click the Ammo folder to select it.
  2. Click the insert button to insert a new item.
  3. Type the new ammo type (Hunting) in the Unique ID field
  4. Click the Keep button. This will update the treeview with the new name
  5. With this new item selected in the tree view, click the insert button. This converts the item icon into a folder.
  6. With the new folder selected, click the insert button to insert a new item in the new folder.
  7. Select values for the new "Hunting ammo" entry
Originally Posted by NuJudge View Post
For all three types I am trying to figure out how to add "storage location," "where acquired," and "when acquired."
You can update or replace existing captions or you can add new captions simply by selecting the "Edit Captions" at the top of any page. Once this is checked you can go in and change values in the captions fields. Just click in the caption field you want to change and start typing. When "Edit Captions" is checked you cannot add or update to the data. When you are done editing captions simply uncheck the "Edit Captions" button.

Originally Posted by NuJudge View Post
I'm still a geek, and still not a computer geek, so I'm treading lightly here.
No problem. I appreciate the feedback!

Originally Posted by NuJudge View Post
Other thoughts:

I usually don't know the exact day of manufacture, but I frequently know the year of manufacture because it is marked on the firearm. The current program requires the input of exact dates. For myself, I put in January 1 when I don't know the exact date.
Yes, you are doing it the way I do it. You can always add a year of manufacture field if you want to just record the year.

Originally Posted by NuJudge View Post
I use subfolders for firearms for things like spare barrels/barrel sets, or spare upper receivers. For the firearm and for the spare barrel/barrel set, as well as spare upper receivers, I'd like to be able to enter barrel length, but I have not figured out how to add a new heading on the left side, just below "caliber or gauge."
This may be difficult. You can follow the instructions above to change the "manufacturer" field caption to "barrel length" and then "country" to "manufacturer" and so forth down the line. Unfortunately, all of the data will still be what it was before which will require a lot of work to update all of the lists and values. Another option might be to add new captions to an empty location in the Identification and / or Description tabs. If you use an empty field you get to populate the data as you see fit.

Originally Posted by NuJudge View Post
The values I input for firearms and airguns are somehow changing themselves.
That I do not understand. Have you been able to identify any steps or actions that seem to cause the problem so I can try to reproduce and fix it?


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