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Default Dollar values changing

Originally Posted by NuJudge View Post
The values I input for firearms and airguns are somehow changing themselves.
What is changing is the dollar values on the Description page of firearms and accessories that I have listed in subfolders.

As an example: I have a rifle that I got originally in one caliber. The firearm's design allows one to purchase additional barrel sets in different calibers. I have purchased 4 additional barrel sets.

I have assigned a Unique ID three digit number for each of the items I am logging in your software on the Identification page. For the additional barrel sets, I put their info in a subfolder, the Unique ID being the same as for the original rifle but having a letter afterwards.

I reset their dollar values yesterday to what they were worth, Kept them and Wrote to Disc. Not all of them changed by this evening: the value of the first & second additional barrel sets seems to stay the same, but the shown value of the original rifle and the 3rd and 4th additional barrel set all are now the same value, that of the 4th additional barrel set.

I am having the same problem with another rifle for which I have several accessories listed in subfolders: the values for the accessories is not changing, but the value of the rifle is, but not to the value of either of the accessories.

I am not certain, but I believe I am also having this trouble with entries for a pistol that I have two spare slide/barrels for. There, they all changed to the same dollar value.
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