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Same here Rick, everything I have read about the Greek cav rifles has been online. Horse mounted or mountain type troops typically had mounts like this and I'm assuming that not all Greek rifles have this inlet.

Kind of bored so I started doing research on individual rifle parts. It appears that I have a 1903 butt plate (milled no checkering) although I can't definitely tell which time frame it was made.

Also looks like the cocking piece/knob (unmarked) is a pre WWI? Looks like the one of the left:

The rear sling swivel is also milled and I can't find any markings. Any way to tell more?

The lower band of all things from my google homework appears to be from a P17 Enfield. Looks like this: It has seen better days so I'll be picking up a NOS Remington (are these typically blued or parked?)

Certainly an interesting arrangement..anyone know more about this stuff?


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