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Originally Posted by Rick the Librarian View Post
The buttplate could be one of the following:

1) a pre-1910

2) one made during the WWI-period (1917-1920)

3) a Remington made during the 1941-42 period - this variety would be marked with an "R" on the inside.

I'd be careful to match the lower band with the rest of the parts. a NOS lower band is quite a bit more expensive than a used one.
As far as I can tell the butt plate is unmarked so that leaves pre 1910 and WWI.
I can't tell the difference.....actually it looks like the "stick" of the "lollypop" on the pre 1910 is longer than the WWI. Or is that just the pic?

Matching a Remington swivel is easy but how do you ID the lower band?


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