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Originally Posted by EasyCompany View Post
Thanks sig, Hey pepsi- out of curiosity, which commercial 30-06 are you going with?
Prvi-Partizan 150gr FMJ. The rounds load rough into the enbloc clips, but if you twist the 4 rounds to the left (ie, so the rounds are at a 30 degree angle) and then to the right (bend the rounds back to straight up)they sit in just fine, and then the Garand will feed properly. This is usually a problem with new enbloc clips that don't have much wear under their belt, work enblocs don't have such problems.

Originally Posted by rcolarco View Post
The easy and cheap availability of surplus .30-06 is actually a relatively new phenomenon. For a long time governments were hanging on to the stuff. Now it has come, and, apparently, mostly gone. However, even when milsurp was not widely available, I had no trouble feeding my M1s with handloads. Handloads always shot better, anyway.

I have not been thrilled with the accuracy of most milsurp 7.62x51.
I agree, the only ammo my M1A loves is the new mfg Prvi M80 Ball stuff in sealed battle packs. Stuff works like a charm in my M1A, as for a Garand im not sure if it would be right.
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