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I think of it this way. Be a realist about it. The 30-06 M2 ball is militarily, an outdated cartridge no longer used by any first or second world military. The stuff is no longer produced, except by two commercial sources, Hornady and Federal. And thats without the en bloc clips.

So, if you buy an M1 rifle now, unless its just for collecting or financial investment purposes, you are contributing to your own ammunition situation and have nobody to blame but yourself if you were expecting cheap surplus M2 ball. It simply aint there anymore. It may come back for a short period from CMP, but if it does and thats a big IF, it probably wont last long.

Now the positive thing about this M1 Garand ammo shortage is there really is NO AMMO SHORTAGE! If you buy one case of the commercial Federal Eagle M1 Garand 30-06', youre guaranteed good quality ammo for your Garand. Cost? $187-$200 per case of 200. Brand spanking new...not thirty or more years old. I just got a case of commercial for $187 shipped to me like lightning, no multi month long wait. But I paid way more than I would have paid to CMP for surplus stuff.

If you buy one case a month for a year, thats 2400 M1 rounds. Brand new ammo, not thirty plus year old surplus stuff. Sure it aint steel core FMJ stuff, but who really cares? Thats enough for most guys to target practice with. Then you turn around and reload the brass a time or two. So, in a way, this ammo shortage separates the guys who really want to shoot their Garands from the guys who its just a casual thing for them.

For the collectors, the ammo shortage doesnt matter anyway. The M1 collectors, if they shoot their Garands at all, its probably not much.

Thats why I say anyone reading this, if youre remotely interested in high power rifle competition shooting, whether CMP or NRA...think twice before buying an M1 Garand. While it might have been true in past years it was an inexpensive way to try out your hand at high power, I believe thats no longer true. I think the cheapest way is to simply buy an AR-15 or just jump in headfirst and buy a 1:7 or 1:8 barrel twist NM AR-15. The NM AR-15s are what the serious service rifle competition shooters are mostly using anyway, why not just save your cash and buy one to start with? The 62 grain AR ammo is certainly cheaper by the case compared to the Federal and Hornady commercial M1 stuff. Also, the M-16 is what CMP uses to train newbie shooters to high power at Camp Perry's SAFS every summer, not the M1. There is a reason for that...the M-16/AR-15 are the current primary high power service rifle platforms. Makes sense to just grab one and skip over the Garand.

So, seems to me the current cheapest way into high power is to just go in headfirst and buy a 1:7 or 1:8 barrel twist NM AR-15 from the start. And a couple cases of 62 to 75 grain FMJ .223 ammo. For the price I could pay for 400 rounds of commercial M1 Garand ammo, I could get a case of 1000 AR-15 ammo!

There really is no M1 Garand ammo shortage, only a surplus M2 ball ammo shortage. The question is, are you willing to pay the cost of the commercial stuff? For most guys on this forum, it seems the answer is no, they will reload or shoot commercial 30-06' with an adjustable gas plug. But not pay commercial M1 Garand prices.

Off my soapbox


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