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Originally Posted by ceresco View Post
VarGet. ..... "burns more complete when you get the pressure up" This rather understates the ignition problems with VarGet. I have seen VarGet turn into a plasticized glob in cold weather in not only .45-70 but 30-06 and other cases as well. There are a number of factors involved. I happens with other powders too, but VarGet seems to be particularly prone to ignition failures. The "extreme" claims made by Hodgdon don't address ignition and factory statements including "easy ingiting" are routine and misleading. and, yes, I do use VarGet with no problems in smaller cases such as .223rem. Good Shooting. ...
Just how light of a charge are you using? Been using Varget since almost its inception and have never seen anything like this.

I have always started at the recommended starting charge and not below. What I meant by incomplete burn was a few unburned kernels.
This is a trait exhibited by many slower burning powders.

Too add.... not saying the other powders you mentioned are not viable choices, just Varget fits my needs.

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