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Originally Posted by insurance guy View Post
just curious... were you in the 02/01/16 group ?
Not clear. I opted for snail mail, sent on Fri 29 Jan from central NC, assuming that would get it there on time.

The entire text of the letter I received is as follows:

"To Whom It May Concern:

Your carbine order has been received; however, it did not make the cut. Due to the high volume of orders received February 1st, we sold out on that day. The information you provided with your order will be updated in your customer account. If you do not have a customer account, we will create one for you and update accordingly. Enclosed with this letter is the check you sent with your order. For security purposes, the check has been voided. Should you have any questions, concerns, or comments, do not hesitate to contact us at (256) 835-8455.

Thank you for your continued support of the CMP!

CMP Staff"

Oddly this form letter bears a date of March 3, 2016, yet the envelope carries a Birmingham AL postmark dated 18 Apr 2016.

This may be the notification process for those who chose to pay via check; shouldn't be a need for a letter in credit card situations, as that could be done via email.
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