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Originally Posted by brianm767 View Post
Dang, thanks for the update.
Anyone know if they had in Rack grade specials? If I can't get a SG or FG, I'd settle for one of those, or FG specials if they make those.
Rack Grade Specials were just listed for mail order yesterday and just showed up in the South Store last week. Since there hasn't been a delivery since the NM's, there wouldn't be any RG Specials till the next delivery!...if then.
Call the store as mentioned with the number I posted for you, and be patient!!
If last year was an indicator of deliveries after the NM's, a delivery should be around next week.....

Originally Posted by brianm767 View Post
Yah that's an idea, but I think I'll have to plan that out next year. Are they only open on the weekends too? I may be able to get there mid week if thier open then.
Thursday to Saturday...same as the North Store.
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