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Originally Posted by Trublu6 View Post
For what it is worth;
I am a retired Army Major General and I know the ground rules that have applied for Generals arming themselves since at least 1976.
- They will be personally armed with an Army issued semiautomatic pistol in all potential combat situations.
- They are permitted (by regulation that omitted any prohibitions to carry) to arm themselves with whatever additional arms they consider appropriate for the threat.

Translated into English, I carried my issued .45 cal Colt 1911 on my hip but really relied on my Ithaca riot shotgun.

It is amazing how quiet a noisy jungle gets afer a blast or two from a 12 ga Ithaca!

Roger that General,
Working in the armory I had access to every shoulder arm to use running M-60 & heavy weapons convoys down remote civilian highways. We were armed with sidearms and the Remington 12ga with 00 buckshot was my choice while the "kids" would always grab an M-16 or GAU 16.

Thanks for your service and leadership.
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