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Default Dugout Doug was a very brave man

He came from a family of heroes, and he also had an ego as big as a blimp. Unquestionably he could use a weapon if needed.

Matt Ridgeway was the real deal in a lot of ways. Being a lifelong Infantryman, he knew what was wrong with the army that was chased from the Yalu to past Seoul. He trained them hard, got them out of their trucks and up on the ridges where the Chinese were. The Marines realized this from the beginning and had no disasters. As far as his grenades, many generals had their thing that separated them from their peers. Patton had pistols, Ridgeway had grenades, Mac Arthur had a pipe. In Vietnam the officers had a flashlight or 50 feet of rope as an accessory off that web gear. Not a chance in hell that they'd ever use either.

A lot of people don't realize what a popular figure Mac Arthur was at this time. Many people wanted him as president and hated Truman for firing him. As a war general, his results were mixed at best. His excursion into Buna lost as many men as Guadalcanal yet was never as famous. Inchon was his most brilliant battle.
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