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I thought I would update this thread, it's a good one. The parts needed to upgrade your 853 sights and trigger while remaining sporter class legal. As of Jan 2015 the part numbers and prices from Daisy are;

753-40 barrel weight $5.00
753-11 globe front sight assembly $5.00
753-39 globe aperture insert set $3.00
753-3 rear aperture sight assembly $35.00
888-3 Trigger housing $3.50
888-18 Screw assortment $3.00 or you can use the Pilk suggestion for the adjusting screw.
853-20 Trigger group $2.00 best to order an extra in case you screw up the original.

Looks like $56.50 in parts plus shipping

I'm a word worker as well. If the stocks on the two I just ordered are really bad I may inlet my own from scratch. Has anyone else inletted a stock for one of these?
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