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Default Preaching to the Choir!

First, a very large thanks to all the great people that I have dealt with on CMP.

Because of all your help, knowledge and parts for sale at a reasonable prices I have managed to put together a very nice collection of carbines and at that I show at a local gun show in south florida.

The veterans love it and it is all based on ww2.

During the past two years I've been on this site I have never been burned.

It's to bad that most of us work to do what's right for our fellow members and to have the chance to view a members history is good for everyone who is keeping it above board and honest.

There's another dude that talked about TRANSPARENCY and look where that went.

Give us back our chance to keep the trash out of a terrific opportunity to buy, sell trade and BS with our fellow collectors with out having to worry about another jackass trying to put something where the sun doesn't shine, life has plenty of them, we don't want them on this website!

Thanks for letting me rant,

Rich, aka War Baby
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