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Originally Posted by slafleur View Post
Well, you know what's funny? That is exactly what I did. They emailed me back confirming. I made sure "that the things I want to do" were done. Didn't matter. The estore STILL showed I couldn't order due to expired membership.

Got an email this morning from CMP, said they checked, and my info was up to date, try again. Sure enough, I am now able to order on line! Of course, the item I wanted is sold out.

So much for being "responsible." Oh, and my dog is trained, unlike many folks running around these days.
After receiving confirmation from the CMP, did you login to the estore to confirm that it was up-to-date and that you could in fact place an order? This is the final step you must do to ensure that everything was done properly. Waiting until you want to place an order on a limited item is not the time to do this final confirmation step and may result in an inopportune delay.