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Default Have you tried uninstalling and then reinstalling from a fresh download?

Originally Posted by Trooper82 View Post
Can anyone get MyGunDB to run? I cannot get an answer from the developer and I have a lot of info in that DB. Is there any program that will read the backup files? I know the developer used to be on this forum but has apparently dropped from sight.
I do not use or support MyGunDB but perhaps I can help. Have you tried uninstalling MyGunDB, deleting the installation folder (remember to keep your backups in a safe place - perhaps even copy the entire installation folder to an external drive before you delete it), reinstalling MyGunDB from a fresh download (I would hope the evaluation version will enable you to recover your data), and then recovering your data from your backups?

If we can get MyGunDB running for you I know that you can export your data as .csv files which are readable by MS Excel and Open Office. If you can export your data as .csv files it should be importable into other collection software. I know with some manipulation MyGunDB data can be imported into NM Collector Software.
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