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Originally Posted by TuscoTodd View Post
I am glad to see the 75 post requirement change. I have been a CMP customer for many years - and I officially "joined" the forum in May, 2010 - but like many, I come here to soak up the wealth of knowledge that is here, verses contributing. (also lurked for a long time prior to joining as well).
My post count (not counting this post) is 58. This was still notably below the "75 minimum post" rule to list anything for sale.

I guess this was a good thing in some ways. Since I was unable to post some spare Garand parts I had this fall, I consigned them at a local auction where they sold for MUCH more (even after the seller fees) than what I would have asked for them on here. That turned out good for me, but definitely didn't help any of members here that may have been interested in those items.

People complained about people showing up "out of the blue" and listing items for sales with few to no post counts - well there is an option regarding this - as a BUYER look at the sellers post count, join date, etc. If you are uncomfortable with the seller's time on the board, post count, etc. - simple DON'T purchase from the person!

OK - I'll step down from my soap box now.

I am glad to "hear" that the posting rules have changed... However, that change isn't noted in the announcement at top of the for sale section labeled "ANNOUNCEMENT"...
Or the Sticky "For sale sections rules/guidelines " at top of the Parts For Sale or Trade forum...

After some digging - I did find it in the Sticky post at the top of the Parts For Sale or Trade > M1 Garand section - but only by luck as I was looking for a "new" reply / posting - however I found it was contained in the following post:
"Please read this this if you wish to use the classifieds." - which has a posting date 07-28-2011, 12:18 PM - however if you open it, it has a revision date of 01-31-2012 at 12:13 PM

Hopefully all of the other forum sections will be updated to reflect the revision of these requirements shortly (at least I am assuming that this effects all for sale forums and not just the Garand sub-forum).

And a note to the moderators - THANK YOU for reconsidering and now removing the 75 minimum post requirement!
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