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They still haven't updated the typo on the CT for my email address. Best way to reach me would be at Unless you need to borrow a loaner M1 for the match, you do not need to preregister. However it would be nice to estimate how many people are planning on attending.

The match is a course B 50 shot match instead of the 30 shot. The same course of fire as the Battle of the Bulge matches the club has held in the past.

- 5 minutes for up to 5 sighting shots
- 20 minutes for 20 shots from the prone position
- 80 seconds for 10 shots from the prone position with mandatory reload
- 70 seconds for 10 shots from the sitting or kneeling position with mandatory reload
- 10 minutes for 10 shots from the standing position

It is $20 for the clinic and match, $15 for just the afternoon match. It is full distance for GSM, 200 yards with target pits. The clinic begins at 9am at the club's clubhouse in town, the afternoon match begins at 1pm the Berger Rd range. Additional information may be found at
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