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Default 1903a3

Originally Posted by Artemus K View Post
I was 5th in the door THursday morning and quickly looked at 2 1903A3s before they had all been picked up. Both had ME 1s but neither had stock cartouches. Something I was looking for. So I passed. About 20 minutes later someone put this one back on the rack and it said "Pick Me!". It was just what I had hoped to find. Found a nice stamped sling too. After purchase I went over to the CMP Marksmanship Park...AWESOME Experience! With the rifle came a free hour of range time so I enjoyed some Greek HXP I brought along. At 200 yards with no adjustment I shot this 10 round group. First round was a 10 but later put one near the bottom right but I felt like I flinched a bit. I am really happy with how it shoots. What a great day at the south store.

I was at the store yesterday also and was helping a friend (Eric) find a nice 1903a3. Eric and his son both picked up a rifle at opening, they were first in the door and after we examined the two he returned one to the rack, which is the rifle you picked up. That is a really NICE rifle and congratulations on your find and shooting.
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