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Last weekend I had the pleasure of taking the AMC . Chris Hord the custom shop supervisor also taught the class. He did an outstanding job.There was so much information given to us during our time there that would be of great benefit to anyone who enjoys the M1 Garand. We got to build our own rifle. We picked our own parts and had to do all the things a custom rifle gunsmith would do to make the gun complete ready to shoot. Mark Johnson the CEO of the CMP spoke with us in our class and gave us all the latest and complete information on the 1911 pistols.We even learned how to clean up the trigger group in an M1 Garand. We received special information about several important aspects of the gun that can cause you major problems and how to fix those problems before something bad happens to the gun.Just that was worth the price of the class.So if you ever thought about going to the class or had someone tell you it was not worth it they are very wrong.This is the only class in the United States that I am aware of that gives you a precise overview in a short period of time of this famous firearm.I would be more than happy to give you any information I can if you send me a line. Take the class. It is outstanding. By the way did you know the CMP custom shop is building some great reproduction rifles of the past the 1941 sniper, the Tanker Garand, and the USAF National Match Rifle. I was surprised that prices for repair and work is reasonable. GREAT GROUP OF PEOPLE THANK YOU CHRIS.
Charlie Brown

I completely agree. I really enjoyed the early February class. My only regret was not spending enough time at the Marksmanship Park since I had to fly out that afternoon. The armory and warehouse tours were outstanding as well.
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