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Default shout out to CMP

so I have to give credit where credit is due. I spent the last 4 days shooting the CMP cup. Having shot the Creedmoor Cup the past couple of years, the CMP had some large shoes to fill on top of trying to run a large match with E targets. I have to say the CMP nailed it. this was one of the most enjoyable matches I've shot, just like all the past Creedmoor cups.

CMP and KTS staff were on the ball with the targets this weekend. if a hiccup came up, they were right on it. i'm not saying the targets were perfect but they were much better than people had feared. I think a lot of shooters missed out on a great match because of this fear. our target went down on Sunday during the change over from 200-300. we were put on another target and rolled on. not sure what the issue was but it was taken care of so no worries. those targets took a beating. I figure over the 4 days alone they took almost 50k rounds through them. I heard of a couple lost shots but provisional shots were given in those cases. the target backers were checked after the match was over for any shots under protest and to my knowledge, just about all of them were resolved one way or the other.

being off the range at 2pm all 3 days for the Cup was great,even with the change over from 200,300 and 600 yards and the CMP crew having to change out target faces and they worked very hard to get it done.

some shooters had concerns about the E targets hurting comradery in the pits. while it is true there was no comradery in the pits, there was plenty of it behind the firing line and probably more so than in the pits. during change overs, I saw not one person sitting by there selves looking all lonely. there was plenty of yacking to go around

all in all, I am ready to go back. I hope others read this and will give it a chance next go round
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