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Originally Posted by Jeremy2171 View Post
I think they told me today that over that 50k rounds fired they only "lost" 2 shots...

not bad...
I would say that's very acceptable. I know some shooters will say that it needs to be 100% perfect to be acceptable but I look at it like this. how many times have we had someone yank the target after the 1st shot in rapids or had someone that isn't paying attention and you have to call for a mark every other shot. or you get the guy that's too lazy to find a shot in the line and marks it as a miss? human error can be more frustrating. at long as the CMP gives the benefit of the doubt and allows provisional shots, I see no issue. of course those shots would need to be verified with the backers later on. if a shot comes up a 7 on target and you think otherwise, it can be easily verified one way or the other.

I would say we, as shooters, will probably need to rethink how we handle ourselves if a questionable shot comes up or if our target goes down for whatever reason. I think bringing extra ammo and getting our heads wrapped around the possibility of having to refire needs to be thought about. if we have to fire an extra round or a string, we need to be able to roll with it and move on. everyone knows this sport is as much of a mental game as it is physical so I see no reason why we can't overcome these little obstacle.
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