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I agree... I thought I was a victim today...

Offhand and staying in the black then all of a sudden a miss at 3 o'clock just outside the 5..

I'm like WTF I didn't call that at all... so reloaded and got back in the shot was 2" from the LAST and another I'm really WTF??

Last 4 shots were 9, 8 10, 10...

I had a 74 offhand with 2 misses...

I called the block official over and basically said i'm not challenging it..but look at the screen I can't explain 2 misses in the same spot then I went back to the black.

He said if they showed on my screen then they hit the target and thats where the sensor plotted them. He looked at my spots and kinda shrugged..

Dunno maybe if one of the 4 sensors crapped out for two shots or I just managed to throw two misses 2" from each other... oh well it's
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