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Originally Posted by TLB View Post
Here is a "borrowed" picture with a better view of the rail. The DMR is my absolute favorite bench rifle. If you want to use the irons with a scope mounted, you're probably limited to about 200 yds, depending on your scope bell size.

What no 1/2 moa hood.....pos
I kid see i like that set up but im not going to scope my build at all.
I grew up around folks that said a M1a was a solution to a non problem, F'd over reworked M1, about as accurate as a granade launcher with out the effect.
Heck im looking for 3moa to try and hit the 10 ring. X's only come from missing the 10 ring.
Should be fun. Pretty much done with my build and time to load up some test ammo. Running with some PPU 168s and H4895 or Varget , which ever is at the front of tbe shelf in the cabinet.
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