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Originally Posted by nf1e View Post
Well, its almost doubled since the photo you are talking about.
Since I retired I have more time on my hands for shooting and putting rifles together. Love the hobby.
The rail on the M21 DMR is easily removable if you don't like it there when using irons. Held in place with a couple of machine screws. The rail has nice tight fitting receptor machined into the receiver.
Most of my new builds are using the XM21 which has the rail machined as part of the receiver and no facilities for irons.

Rgr Rgr on the negativity.
Now that will work perfectly thank you very much! Gotta love options! I'll be picking me one up for sure, But may have to wait a month now just inked a deal to fix my Hurricane damaged roof and a whole home remodel got a great deal I could not pass up on that for now,But next month will be here before ya know it.

Originally Posted by nf1e View Post
First 36 rnds out of a brand new barrel at 100 yds on a recent M14 build at my place. The 3- 2rd groups marked 1-2-3 were the first sighters, then 3-10 rnd groups. 1. lower right 2. upper left and 3. lower left. Using M118 LR. This is a Bula Defense Systems XM21 version #1 receiver so no iron sights. Building this up as a target rifle only, not standard M14 configuration by any means. Final will be installed in a JAE chassis for easy sub min 10 rnd grp accuracy.

Wow nice shooting Tex, geesh awesome looking paper there!

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