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Wood stocks have been in use for centuries. I have some pushing 200 years old that are quite usable, and they are from military firearms stored poorly (Nepal cache firearms). As Nf1e says, taking care of them is a skill usually taught, and far from difficult. Dry it off, keep it clean. Add oil (or wax) when needed, when you can. If not today, next week is OK. Not any more difficult than maintaining what's in the wood stock.

The fiberglass stocks were created as an alternative, not an improvement. They were probably less expensive to make. Durability; well neither had any problems, Vietnam or anywhere else.
Have you ever heard reports of problems with wood or fiberglass stocks? Systemically, no. Is one typically more accurate than the other (using M14 service rifle criteria)? I have not heard of any significant differences.
Some prefer one over the other for various reasons, but better? It would depend on the criteria.


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