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nice rifle..... my first CMP Garand was a 3.6 million with a new CMP stock..... i'll admit i was a bit bummed when i first received it because i was hoping for USGI wood.....

since then i have ordered 2 more from CMP, 1 was beautiful post war Springfield with correct barrel and perfect post war USGI wood in Dec 2017 when there were U.S. arsenal guns that went out of CMP.......

and the other was a winchester field grade June 42 built receiver that was an obvious danish return with a WWII era stock from the summer of 2017 winchester release.......

oddly enough i find myself now liking the 3.6 million with the new CMP stock the best of the 3 and really the only 1 that i shoot really is a beautiful rifle...... when i show people who know nothing about Garands my 3 rifles, they almost always gravitate towards it, most assume its a pristine unissued WWII rifle until i explain it to them lol......... i look at it as a "CMP rebuild" with the added bonus that im the first owner since rebuild!!!! ....... i truly believe someday when CMP m1's are a memory that they will be in high demand

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