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Originally Posted by Coltgrabber View Post
Those who follow the auctions have seen rifles posted from time to time that have some part that seems to disqualify them from being "Correct". There was a "Correct" early IHC on there a few years back that had a Julian dated mid 1955 stock. I asked a leading South Store armorer at the time how that could be correct? He winked and said "Can you prove it isn't correct" & we both had a laugh." ........And before anybody get their bowels in an uproar..... I am NOT attacking CMP nor any of their personnel, but merely reporting that it happens from time to time. You'll notice that they do have on each auction "Sold as is". I am amazed that they get it right the majority of the time!
I try to be a logical person.So when I saw this auction, I decided to speak up. I'm not attacking CMP or anybody there either. Regarding Garands, there are things we know, things we don't know, things we don't know that we don't know, and often things that we think we know but end up being wrong. What we now know is that there are a lot of chronological anomalies with IHC receivers, stocks, and barrels etc....With 1945 SA's not so much, but that may change in the future, who knows? Someone might find a batch of 1945 SA Garands with original -2 bolts..

But for now, "correct" is something that has rightly evolved into meaning something in Garand collecting terms, and the CMP seems to be historically way on board with that meaning.... I don't think it's a matter of policy for anyone at the CMP to ask someone to "prove it's not correct". I think their standard is higher than that. I just think this auction was a wrong judgement by someone.

Now on the other hand, if there was a knowledgeable armorer who actually examined this particular rifle and actually believed it was the original -2 bolt(which is at least remotely possible), then he should be able to convince his peers to list the rifle as a collector grade and the CMP should lay their cards on the table, selling it "as is" of course. But to simply list it as correct is just sloppy analysis.

Does anyone know if any documented original 1945's have a -2 bolt? maybe it's possible. I try to never say never.

But that said, I think it should have been listed as a SG

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