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That one does not look too bad. Depending on how much work you are willing to put into it and your skill level you could blend the cut off area well enough. Don't expect the stocks on these drill rifles to be in great or even serviceable condition. They still have drill rifles but they are getting down the the very end and the pickins are slim.

One of Dupage's issues is that it is hard to sell and ship a rifle as a barreled receiver due to C&R requirements stating that it has to be a complete or mostly complete rifle. Barreled receivers do not qualify as C&R. So they have to piece together the rifles with what they have available. You are basically purchasing a receiver and most of the stock metal for the $150, the stock is there to allow shipping.

I saw the couple drill rifles that the CMP brought to the Western Games for $150 and they were just as bad if not worse than these ones offered by Dupage.

Here are the most recent rifles that I have completed from my last Dupage purchase. These two are my personal match rifles. I try to clean up the welds as best as I can with a dremel but I don't try to hide the fact that they were once drill rifles.
The one stock had some nice cartouches and was in repairable condition, the other had a stock that was non salvageable so it was put in a Numrich $80 scant stock that needed a little TLC on the forend.

The S stock rifle has a NOS 4-groove 3-43 barrel and the scant stock rifle has a Criterion barrel. Both barrels were lapped together to the receivers. The bolts lugs were lapped prior to barrel installation and headspacing.

I used the scant stock rifle in the Western Games. It is the most accurate vintage rifle I own. I was able to shoot a 98 slow prone and 100 in prone rapids, we will not talk about the off-hand debacle.

Both of these rifles started with a weld similar to the rifle on top

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