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Best move would be to get one of the above and try it/them out. You won't regret any of them. Personally, I regret getting rid of the ones I had. I like the 03A3 a lot. Ditto the Swede and the Swiss. The MN's are good, but I don't feel they're in the class as the others. Check out the results at Camp Perry from year to year - compare scores of the "others" to the 03's. The 03A3 has it all over the others in its sights -- rear mounted peep vs open irons - beats them. That being said, the others are getting great scores at 200 yds in competition. The swede and 03 have basically the same trigger. Some complain about the lock time of the Swede, but you get old waiting for the 03's FP to get to the pirmer, too. Both are Mauser designs. I'd say you should strive to get that to inch group - it's up to you. The 03A3 will do its part if you do yours. I haven't shot the MN in a long time - and not a Finn. Somebody else will chime in on it.
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