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Nice looking para stock.

Full disclosure: I've been collecting for 8 months. When I'm not working to pay for them, I live, eat and sleep carbines, especially para's.


Bottom of the pistol grip should have a 3 in addition to the RI (Richardson Inland). In picture 11 the PG and stock look different, but in others they look simliar color wise. The second prod run para's usually have a CC Cartouche stamped into the right side of the RI/3 PG. If this was a 1st prod para stock, the PG should have a smaller CC Cartouche and an OI (Overton Inland) stamped on the bottom. My guess is the PG was replaced during rearsenal or by someone who knew what they were doing.

Sometimes, high wood cut downs leave a slight remnant rise though I don't see that on this one. Its absence, doesn't mean it's not a cut down though.

Barrel channel, wire stock, leather and welds look correct (No evidence of braising). Early rivets were blackened brass, later Parkerized steel. Brass rivets sometimes show verdigris, which I don't see in the pics. Regardless, these rivets are correct. The redish color on the back of the leather is in great shape compared to mine. Mine is the same, only darker/dirtier.

Couldn't make out the described repair in the pictures. Maybe there are there but I just can't make it out? I'd want a better look. Also, I don't know where the offical repairs on a para could be made. Para's are succeptable to cracking top to bottom on the back of the wooden stock near the Circle P (sometimes in an S shape), inside the barrel channel and at the corners where the recoil plate meets the stock.

Butt plates were sand cast and are very difficult, but I suppose not impossible to fake. All of mine are very hard to read. This one is crisper than mine, but the font looks correct. The B in B257614 is bigger than the other letters as it should be. Also, the second 5 is actually a 6. Other than being cleaner, this butt plate looks like the butt plates I have. If this is a reproduction, para collectors like me are in troube.

The lower hinge assembly looks like none I've seen as the seller described. If needed, it could be replaced but it not as easy as it sounds.

The recoil plate cap doesn't line up as it should. To me, it looks like it is or has been under stress (pic 2 and 11) or the screw is loose.

What a refreshing description. A little honesty goes a long way. If I were in the market for a 2nd prod or 1st prod run AA rearesenal stock, I'd be all over this one once my questions about the crack and recoil pate cap were answered to my satisfaction.

IIRC, Inland owned the patent on the Folding Stock assembly. I'm not sure who designed it, but that person was a genius. What an incredible peice of engineering. Simple, yet complex in terms of assembly and order.

If you want some reference pics, let me know.
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