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Glad I checked the Competition Tracker today, registration opened on May 1 for the 2017 New England Games, I thought it wouldn't open for another month or 2. Some of the GSM match relays are already booked full.
The final match schedule is a little different than the original draft. The first GSM match is on Wednsday, instead of Thursday, at 3:30 p.m., after the SAFS class and match. There's no GSM matches on Thursday, only the EIC match, so I'll be doing that one too. You can sign up for what relay's you want and the match time, as they're using the electronic targets and setting time for blocks of 2 relays to shoot. I'll be shooting 7 matches in 4 days including the SAFS EIC, the full course EIC, 4 GSM matches and the carbine match. Man I can hardly wait, had a blast last year. Looking forward to seeing familiar faces and new ones.
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