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Default What it takes to be competitive, part II - equipment

More on ammo....

In my last posting I listed suitable ammo from good to best for the purpose of winning CMP GSMM matches.
Some may be surprised that I put hand loaded ammo below in ranking to factory made match ammunition. I say this because factory made ammo is tested more than anyone can realistically accomplish on their own. There is a lot riding on the performance of factory ammo, in terms of safety, performance, and reputation of it's maker. It is the standard that we hope to equal.

A competent hand loader can make ammo just as good, but it is seldom actually better. The time, speculation, and experimentation takes away from range time best used to focus on the shooters application of fundamentals.
The paradigm of conventional ammo testing, shooting from a bench to eliminate shooter error in search for a holy grail of undiscovered knowledge relating to an accurate 30/06 cartridge is a monumental waste of time, if the goal is to win gold medals in CMP GSMM matches. Not only is range time wasted trying to re invent the wheel, off range time is wasted in the loading room weighing and trickling every charge, segregating bullets, and brass by weight or head stamp or year. This pitfall of OCD, benchrest loading routine robs the new competitor of time and money that is better used elsewhere.

Too often the new competitor thinks the winner of the matches has some secret ammo recipe that gives him the edge, but it always boils down to application of fundamentals, organization, and decision making.
In the big events like the Eastern Games, and National Matches the people at the top of the list are always the same half a dozen that are always in the running for individual, and three gun aggregates.
It is because they spend quality time weeks before the event, with their rifles and gear, shooting from position, and not from the bench testing ammo. They don't measure groups, they count the scores, and X's.

There is no need to post your load recipes here because there is a separate forum for that. Choose a load that is widely accepted to be a winner and go with it. Use range time to perfect yourself and not your ammo.
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